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Energy Conservation

As the environment continues to be a pressing issue on all aspects of our lives, we have developed a range of energy efficiency services to help businesses reduce energy waste.

Whether you want to save the planet, reduce energy bills or just keep up with ever-stricter regulations and legislation, energy efficiency is a critical subject area that we have designed a range of services around. We aim to help our clients identify and understand their energy usage and needs in more detail, then to provide support installing and retrofitting products that will actually help bring energy usage and costs down.

Auto metering installations to monitor energy

Auto metering uses multiple energy meters linked together monitoring electricity, heating, water and gas to give you detailed information on how much you use of any given energy source at any times of day.

It is impossible to be energy efficient without usable information on your energy usage and the multi meter system provides that and enables you to monitor how any changes you make affect your energy usage.

Whilst it is a good thing to reduce energy usage anywhere, there may be bigger opportunities available to you. By example you may find that electricity is your biggest expense through the middle of the day, and that the costs over a decade are equivalent to installation of solar panels on the roof to provide that energy at your peak time of need.


Electrical engineer checking energy usage

Upgrading and retrofitting older installations

Efficiency targets and recommendations are rapidly changing, causing systems that were installed relatively recently to fall out of date and not offer the kind of efficiency possible with newer technology.

We have built up a detailed experience of retrofitting all kinds of installations to give our clients access to these energy saving possibilities without the cost of entirely refitting a system.

At businesses and educational establishments in the South West, we provide a full survey and consultation to establish the possibilities, then carry out a range of installations comprehensively from start to finish. From the basics of taking out old strip lighting for modern LED energy efficient lighting which can be dimming, through to adding proximity controls, timers and microwave presence or absence detectors that can switch items off when they are not being used automatically.